31 March 2006

I'm Not That Basic, I Swear

cotton candy yarn

I bought this yarn once with nothing in particular in mind - I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy one skein as something of a sample, and save on shipping, since at the time I was also buying the shimmer yarn (that Emily has already reprimanded me for "overbuying." Psh. As though there's such a thing when yarn is involved). I figured if I liked what I saw, I'd buy some more for whatever project it felt like becoming.

trellisscarfWell, today, I found a project - and the even better news is that it only requires one skein/hank - so I'm already good to go! Yes, today the sunrise gossamer yarn told me that it wants to be the trellis scarf from the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits - which is supposed to be knit using one hank of alpaca cloud yarn from knitpicks, but the gossamer seemed appropriate, too. When I first saw the pattern that I knew I would someday knit, I thought I would stay true to what the pattern called for because knitpicks is a bargain, and I have always wanted an excuse to try the alpaca cloud. Today, though, I was browsing blogs and I saw that someone is using the shimmer yarn (the very same colourway that I used for my paisley lace shawl), and the result seems interesting and convinced me to just go the heck ahead and try the gossamer - why not? If the result is hideous, and the colourway gets in the way of the lace pattern, I can always rip it out and head over to knitpicks to get a skein of the alpaca cloud. I haven't decided if I should finish the sock first - or start the scarf so I can finish before spring is over. There are so many projects I haven't finished though! Like my bolero, and the two scarves that I've started, and the hat that I haven't started. But now I guess I have a whole two seasons before said people need their hats and scarves, and now is the time for spring knitting, people. Spring! Knitting!

I'm still trucking along on the SOCK! I want to finish, so we can stop having this situation:

I think a pedicure is also in order.

In non-knitterly, un-toe-related news, the sun is out, and it is a very warm day. Pleasant, spring like - with flowers. And sun. Sun! If you haven't found an excuse to go outside yet, find an excuse, because it is glorious. Even more so if you don't run into men peeing on the sidewalk like Alisa and I did on our way back from Harvard Square.

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