28 March 2006

Hats for Tats


Image by Natalie Dee @ nataliedee.com
Sentiment: Shared by many, including yours truly.
Now Reading: Everything is Illuminated by Joseph Safran Foer
Now Listening: U2 - Acrobat
Now Knitting: Branching out in white mohair, SOCK!!!

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Laura said...

in case you ever wondered, krissy and i didn't come up with the biting sarcasm on our own...it is an inhereted characteristic in which i take great pride....here's the proof:

i was showing my mom your blog cause she likes to knit and whatnot, and we came upon this entry, to which she said..."tell her i'll tatoo her with a knitting needle...and maybe i'll have to occasionally use the crochet hook to move the skin out of the way."

in case you can't tell by the tone of the typing, this is a joke, even if it was delivered in a deadpan tone best replicated by...pretty much anything my sister has ever said to you. :)