20 March 2006

Quotes of the Week

"He just wanted to see if my life without him was the same.
It's not.
It's much better."
"Is that a Wu Tang Clan shirt?"
"No, It says Dinky's Donuts."
"Matt, are you wearing a Wu Tang Clan shirt?"
"No, it's a picture of a muffin"
"All of us are going to be orphans! Except Kristina, because I'm going to kill her.
With my chopsticks."
"I've seen you use chopsticks. I'm not scared."
...&tc. And this is why I love my friends. A real entry will follow soon, because I just had the most amazing job interview today and I really, really, really hope that I get this job. I am about to send a "thanks for the interview" email, but some really annoying-yet-catchy japanese music just popped up on my playlist and now I can't concentrate. (Uh, thanks Ben)

1 comment:

Matt said...

I like the number of times I was quoted or discussed in the quotes. I think its just because I'm amazing

And actually, it was a panda eating a cupcake on my shirt.

Its by Johnny Cupcakes. Here is the shirt: http://johnnycupcakes.com/store/panda.html