07 March 2006

The Sea Would Electrocute Us All

To further this thing (re: previous entry), these are the movies to rent on my "unemployment movie binge" queue:
Love Liza
Owning Mahowny
Punch Drunk Love
Empire Falls
State and Main*
I have seen State and Main, Empire Falls, and Punch Drunk Love, but don't remember State and Main (except that I liked it), Punch Drunk Love (was dead exhausted and may have fallen asleep, but I'm not sure - I tried so hard not to), and Empire Falls (watched it in snippets in a hotel room while I was in Niagara Falls/New York with my parents), so I figured they were worth another viewing.

That is also partially the answer to Skylar's question. I know it was Happiness that did it for me, but ultimately it was State and Main, where I ended up becoming completely enamoured with Hoffman's on-screen presence. I don't think you can physically have his babies, Skylar...besides, I called it first :)

I do think he's an astounding actor, though, and have to admit that I'm a little jealous that now everyone in the world knows it because...well, that was also part of the appeal - that being in love with him was a little, well..."underground." Not that no one knew who he was, just that it wasn't a name thrown around like it is now that Capote did so well.

*[The only reason 25th Hour, Red Dragon, and Happiness aren't on the list are because I own those.]

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