11 March 2006

My Feet! Are Bleeding!

Yesterday, I went to get a manicure, while Emily got a manicure/pedicure, and Kristina got her eyebrows waxed and then decided at the last minute to get a manicure. It was fun, I liked the people, and I will be going back for a pedicure with Emily soon.

Why? Well, besides the fact that it looked really relaxing, last night, Harvard and I walked back from WILG, and when I got home...my feet. were bleeding. Well, one of my feet was bleeding. The other one just had a ginormous blister - or three. I can't believe it. Those shoes are so old, they should be way broken in by now. Although, every summer I have to prep my feet for strappy sandal weather. By prep myself I mean wear sandals like the ones I wore yesterday, walk around for a bit, take them off with blisters and cry a bit, then do it again in a week, until the blisters are callouses.

Harvard made me promise to dress sensibly on St. Patrick's day. However, we are going to Tommy Doyle's, then to Harvard, then to the apartment...maybe I can hack it in the 4" wedges I really want to wear...but maybe it's time to start talking myself out of that right now :) Before I end up bleeding on the day of my heritage. Or, you know. with a sprained ankle or swolen, gross feet.

I used to wear heels so often that when I switched to flats it hurt for a day. Ouch! I'm okay with my height now. I just like heels!

Tangent: Do you ever feel like you're having a conversation with someone, and (to borrow a fight club concept) you feel like they're just waiting for you to finish so they can say what they want to say? And that feeling that you start raising your voice to finish what you're saying even though someone else has moved on and is talking about someone else, even though you're talking to each other? That feeling, but on AIM -- is weird.

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