23 March 2006

Elevator Love Letter

Day two of violining caused a blister. Love the pain!--Or, at least, take a deep breath and keep going. I found some free etudes online. Enough to tide me over for a long time, actually.
As Hey Jealousy came up on my playlist last night, I couldn't help but let it take me back to those days - driving around in his Mazda Protegé, listening to that song on repeat, feeling sixteen again, letting the wind whip through my hair as we drove nowhere late at night, racing the clock before my parents had to have me home.

And wouldn't you know it? The computers, they are taking over - or at least becoming mind readers: The next song up was Pinch Me.

As nostalgic as I was feeling, that was when I called it quits. Really. Sometimes enough is enough.

Now Listening: Stars


Emily said...

You had a Mazda Protege? Isn't that the convertable?


Briar said...

Haha - NO! That's the Miata. This was a dumpy little compact car that my boyfriend at the time had :)

I drove a Truck - ok? A raised pick-up truck with a modified muffler and a V8 - A man's truck.

Shit. I wouldn't be caught dead driving a Mazda.

Just kidding :)