19 March 2006

Dinky's Donuts

Tonight a bunch of us went to dinner at Brown Sugar, then to Tomb where Matt was our tour guide.

Tomb was very fun, and apparently none of us had to die because none of us are that stupid. And honestly, the puzzles weren't that hard, so I can't see how people do die at Tomb...Kristina could get us out of any ancient tomb, though. Ben may be the president of the Kristina Chidozie fan club, but I'm her number one fan.

Highlights of the evening (because I'm too lazy to form paragraphs and string sentences together coherently):
  • Emily giving me the idea for a new way to get people's attention - tap the side of their head with one finger.
  • Calling Matt "Safari Matt."
  • Getting into Tomb on a *wink, wink* basis.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I hate to break it to you, but the Kristina Chidozie fan club has existed for oh…20 years and 7 months now…she’s only 19 and 3/4 years old you say? I know. But I wished for her 10 months before that, and at that time I just called it the Baby Girl Chidozie fan club, so I think that makes me the tenured President and CEO. You can join, I’ll even let you have the “Number One Fan” title, but tell Ben VP is the best he can get. :)