09 March 2006

Rabbit Fur Coat

Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins are going to be at the Somerville Theatre on March 17th. While normally I don't like doing things alone, I'm seriously considering going to see this show, even if no one else wants to go (and I'm reluctant to ask, since I don't know if anyone else is a Rilo Kiley fan, and if they are, would that translate into wanting to see Jenny Lewis perform solo? - which would be different from Rilo Kiley, but at the same time...well, listen to the songs - it's similar enough in that it's got that Jenny Lewis edge to it).

I was going to go see Cowboy Mouth alone at Paradise tomorrow, but I've seen them live three times, already - and I am not a big fan of their newer songs. Money is also kind of an issue - I can't exactly go traipsing around the city seeing live shows and eating dinner out with my friends on a weekly basis right now. If I feel I have to choose between Jenny and Cowboy Mouth, the choice is clear. (I also looked into Death Cab and Franz Ferdinand: tickets are about $110 online...so that's out).

So, if anyone who reads this is interested in seeing a great Indie/Alternative/Folk show on St. Paddy's day...let me know. Even though I don't have a copy of Rabbit Fur Coat, I have a few live recordings of the songs on the album, and I have a few Rilo Kiley CDs - I swear, it's going to be awesome. And drunky drunkerson is going to need some company at this show :) Since, you know...I'll be starting the drinking in the afternoon that day. What? It's not like I have to go to work.

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