04 March 2006

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Last night, I did something really really stupid—boy was my face red.
There is back story. On my old phone, I had only two speed dial numbers programmed. (2) was college boyfriend, and (3) was Home. In some areas in my life, I am incredibly adverse to change. Even after I took college boyfriend off my speed dial, Home remained speed dial number (3).
I got a new phone and figured: new phone, new rhythm, so home became speed dial (2), and then numbers followed from there. When I started calling Harvard more frequently, He was assigned to speed dial number (3).
You can see where this is headed: I don't like change, I'm a complete spaz...So, it's not so much that last night I hit speed dial (3) and called Harvard, but that I spent a full minute on the phone trying to figure out what the heck was going on - why it sounded like no one at my house, that maybe my dad was sick or distracted... Finally, I caught on and came clean,
"Uh...so I was trying to call home. I should take you off of my speed dial right now."
Even though it's not weird to have your boyfriend on speed dial, he never really knew. Even though it's weird to not take your ex-boyfriend off of your speed dial, he didn't have to find out this way.
So, life lesson 5748: Take your ex-boyfriends off of your speed dial IMMEDIATELY.

1 comment:

Emily said...

What about having your own boyfriend phone? Is that weird?


And at least you were really trying to call home and not calling him because you were drunk/sad/angry.