24 March 2006

Now What Do I Knit?!?!?!?

The shawl that has been the bane of my existence for the past few days is now done. Finished. Finito!!! Hooray! I'm so happy I could dance a little. I've still got to block it (otherwise Emily could have taken it to Indiana...I would have let her, but I'm never letting another project leave my sight until it's done, because for real, it kind of leaves me on pins and needles knowing that a scarf that I made last year is in some box or somewhere without its tassles because some jerkface idiot (joke) left it somewhere before I was able to finish it).

Two things before I go to bed: Emily, I'm sorry for being so sad at the end of the evening. It's just tough with no job and no "prospects." I promise I'll try to have a super awesome time on Saturday, even if it's just one super awesome time and then - that's it. Second thing: Snakes. On. A Plane. Snakes!!! (I got my shirt in the mail today, lol)


Skylar said...

I must know where you got that shirt. I want one.....bad

Jessica face said...

I like how the snakes are on top of the plane while its flying, causing the plane to go off course. Maybe that's what happens in the movie instead of the snakes attacking people inside, they wrap themselves around those flaps you always see on the plane, so that the flaps don't work and the plane can't land and everyone dies.

You'll find a job soon Bri Bri, just keep on keepin on.

Matt said...

you should knit me something!