24 March 2006


The Shawl, She is Complete!

I finished casting off on the shawl last night. At this point, it was beautiful and I was so proud of myself and Oh...my...me. But at the same time, when you're done with a lace piece, it's kind of bunchy and a little wonky looking - essentially, homemade. Not that It looks "professional" now, but it does look a bit better. The process for "fixing" a lace piece (or most any other knitting, actually), is called blocking. I tried my hand at it for the first time today.

paisley lace shawl rinse

This is the shawl soaking in a warm bath. The water was a vivid blue - which was predictable since my once gorgeous bamboo knitting needles are all stained blue from this yarn. There are supposed to be two cold rinses after this, but I did four. The fourth rinse came out reasonably clear, so we were good to go. I didn't photograph the step where I squeezed out the water on towels on my living room floor, because - uh, I was squeezing.

paisley lace shawl blocking on bed

I pinned the shawl to my bed on towels - not because it was really very wet at this point, but because my sheets are cream colored, and the yarn is still blue. Knowing my luck, even the slightest bit of moisture would dye my sheets. I've already got pesto stains (don't ask), best not tempt fate.

paisley lace shawl closeup

paisley lace outside

Isn't it beautiful?

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