14 March 2006

3.14159265358 is all I know

Happy Pi Day!

How did you celebrate pi day? Me, I did it by watching 10 hours of 24. I did not eat pie, but that's 'cause I got my fill of pie when Emily's dad made pie on Sunday (though let's not lie, had there been pie in the house, I'd have eaten pie).

I also celebrated it by having two innapropriately long conversations. One about how many pi-years old Peter and I are (~7.02pi), and the other about how I cannot possibly be a ninja because I was conquered by a pair of strappy sandals.

I also bought all of the Captiva film that CVS had left (I finally did it! I bought all the film! Take that "Get it while you can" sign!) Also, it was on sale, and I had a $3 off coupon! So basically it was as though I paid for one pack of film, and got two! Which is good because most of it expired already, which is evident from the fact that only every other image develops...erm. Awesome, Polaroid.

I applied to two more firms, and plan on dropping off a resumé and cover letter at another place tomorrow. Unemployment is boring...

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Matt said...

I realized that it was Pi Day today when I tore of yesterday's page on my page-a-day calendar this morning.

Then I quickly wiped it from my memory because I don't like thinking about numbers. It may have been a different story had I have had actual pie.

Mmmm... Mr. Gullotti's pie was amazing.