28 April 2006

Lesson in Context


So, this beam up here? Yeah, that could be any of 3 beams in any of 4 bays in this building that I'm trying to piece together sections of. I'm donning my "I'm a special kind of special" hat because of this snafu. I was so careful to take pictures of all of these things and tried to go in a particular order around the building to orient myself later when the images were off of the flash card, but really, it looks like I took 27 pictures of the same beam. CONTEXT, BRIAR!!! CON. TEXT.

So, I'm working in an office on Beacon Street, and the only places to eat that are painlessly nearby are a few Starbucks, some pricey Newbury Street restaurants, and I think an Au Bon Pain (that is not "painlessly" nearby in 3" stiletto heels). Anyway, today I spent entirely too much on lunch, opting for Starbucks, since my coffee is not time-release (but I'm working on that patent), and I needed a fix. It was not, unfortunately, the Starbucks where Cutie McDreamy works because, like I said before, 3" heels makes for a painful jaunt to lunch, but it did do the trick.

This has caused me to re-evaluate my position on Starbucks. See, I did a little research on the whole barista/espresso vs. coffee thing, and I've rethunk everything. I still think they're evil - but in a way that makes me stop by every time I can - like that boy you know is bad for you, but you can't stop seeing him because he gives you that head rush that makes you forget the last time you swore him off. I've grown to appreciate the whole art of being a barista, and am finally mature enough to admit that when I'm corrected for ordering a cafe au lait, it's because I'm actually wrong being incredibly rude myself an idiot uh...wrong.

I had more to write about, but it's all gone. I'm pretty sleep deprived, which is probably what is making the most insignificant and minor tasks seem overwhelmingly difficult for me today (like standing in line at lunch. Yeah. I stood...in line...incorrectly - for three full minutes. Because I'm that dumb today).

Oh, did anyone else see the OC last night?! It is about damn time Seth admitted what was up to Summer - and Marissa's dress was so ugly I think I was struck temporarily blind when I first saw it. Then I had to go throw up a little bit. I can't wait for next week. (This, she openly admits, but will still not speak of the Wednesday choice of television? Wow. <--that was a little bit o' third person there for you, laura :) Okay, back to deciphering my photos and the drudgery of CAD.

Also, this:

Hancock Tower in the AM

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