12 April 2006

Have you ever wondered what the title of Briar's blog is?

A guest post by Matt...

I have. But I've never asked. I guess I should. Here goes.

Its a quote from "The Little Prince." It means "One must support two or three caterpillars if one wishes to become acquainted with the butterflies." I'm glad I know that. It's not what I expected it to be.

What did Briar do today? Well I know she tried to go for a run because I read that in her away message. And I know she didn't go to work because she's still unemployed. And I know she came over to WILG because I met her there.

What did I do today? I'll write it here because I probably won't blog about it later. I woke up, was supposed to go to a meeting with a professor to approve my Journalism minor, the professor didn't show up, went to the gym, had IR and my communications class, then came over to WILG. And then I enjoyed trashy TV, my birthday present from Skylar and Emily (thank you!), and ate Chinese food.

Speaking of trashy TV... we're watching "The Bedford Diaries" -- a show on the WB about kids in some high school class who look like grad students and who keep video diaries about their lives. Today's theme: sexual secrets. The show is pretty dumb, and its in widescreen which tries to give it credibility but really only makes it worse.

Alisa and Jessica are here too. But Alisa really only came for the Chinese food. Jessica has been here the whole time. I'm gonna miss her when she moves to Washington. Well, actually "rural Virginia."

Oh, and Polar Cola is really good.

There goes Alisa. Out the door. Chinese food is done. Good luck on the marathon Alisa.

Jessica and Briar started a Facebook group called "Knitting is for Whores." And it is. Jessica's title is "Not just a shopper, but also the founder and CEO." We also changed Kristina's sister's (Laura's) profile to make her a big fan of Russell Crowe, which she apparently isn't. Ben (HRVRD) approved.

Oh, I was supposed to tell you what Briar did. She went for a run and then she drank a beer and then she went to WILG and drank some more beer. She also applied for a job.

That's probably all I have to say. Read my blog later tonight for more fun information. I have to give a presentation on Human Rights Watch tomorrow at my 9:15 IR recitation. Not dreading it, but not excited either.


Now watching: Crappy TV show on the WB
Now drinking: Free beer from Talia because its Passover
Now feeling: Full from Chinese food and buzzed from my birthday present

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