08 April 2006

One of my many charms

I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Seriously. Don't ever tell me anything.

I need to add a quick disclaimer that if it's something truly important, I can keep the secret - I will take it to my grave if need be. I'm not *that* girl. But I do tend to just blurt things out - even if I know they're supposed to be secret.

Once, at Christmas, my mom got my dad a cell phone and a laptop because he had just been promoted to Lieutenant at the time, and with the pay raise plus his new responsibilities, she thought it was high time he had both of these things. Well, he opened the cell phone, and in the afterglow, when everyone was just beaming with pride/happiness/glee, I burst out with, "Wait till you see the laptop mom got you, dad!"

This is just one example of how I cannot keep a secret to save my life. I just get too excited. It's part of my "charm."


Emily said...


Funny post :)

Matt said...

I'd much rather have a safety can than a laptop and a cell phone any day of the week.