05 April 2006

Like...Maybe There Will Be an SVU Marathon on USA

I don't have much to post today. I did almost nothing. The weather was kind of dismal, so I mostly stayed inside and knit. I did go to Star to get some burritos and batteries - yes, you read correctly: Burritos and batteries. I also ended up picking up some hair dye because it was on sale (the only reason to buy hair dye - yeesh), but as it dries, it's proving to have been a fruitless purchase. See, last time I tried to do this, I picked a reddish color that ended up giving my hair a purple tint that was only obvious in direct sunlight and under camera flash. And it was an ugly purple tint, to boot. This time, I chose a "medium brown" or "hazlenut" color. Level 2 (temporary) lighter hair dye on darker hair = nothing. Or that's what I'm guessing, since some of my hair has dried and the only difference I've noticed is that my hair smells like the dye, which smells similar to a ballpoint pen. Awesome. I'm thinking of cutting it, too. I have a hair appointment at the end of the month, but that seems like a splurge at the moment. If I'm working by then (God willing), I might keep the appointment. If not...well. *snipsnip*

I started a new project today during [the show Alisa and I do not watch]. One of her co-workers came over for dinner, and I knew I couldn't handle conversation, a glass of wine, and lace, so I started a sock. It's coming along nicely, but it means that I'm only seven repeats into the scarf (out of twenty-three repeats, plus the end border). The colorway is not working out as nicely as I'd hoped. It's snaking around, and...doing what I should have predicted it would do. Two of the colors are awesome, the other two are...ick. And when the raspberry color and the blue are blending, it's great, but when that bubblegum pink is alone, or when it blends with the blue? It's no good. I can't wait for the alpaca cloud to get here. Erm, I mean can't wait to start on that hat...or finish that scarf...heh.

And now the combined effect of the wine and the chemicals have made me so exhausted I just might die. I mean fall asleep right here. Hopefully my day will be more exciting tomorrow...

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