29 April 2006

I saw it on the HBO

Manish was in town this weekend, and highlights include the following:

1. Getting to see Manish - obviously.
2. Running into Vero and Cat Clarke at Whiskey's (okay, theoretically, Vero was part of the group I was with - but still, she showed up later than us all and by then Jess and I had separated ourselves from the group, so when I saw Vero it was random to me). We had a little Hanks HS reunion there, and it was great.
3. Getting to talk to Mike. Who is in Japan. Ja...pan. Not only awesome because I didn't even know he'd gone to Japan (although I remember hearing a rumor of the sort a while ago), but because it was Mike. And International Phone Calls are always awesome.
4. Manish asking our waitress if she was "from the block."
5. Getting to WILG at 2:30 and insisting on saying hi to Emily.

Today, I went to Connecticut with Emily and Jessica to get Emily's car (IHOP! anyone?) and got to see Matt and go to dinner with Emily's parents. Matt made us two of the most awesome CDs for the ride back.

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