05 June 2007

Start Making Some Pockets

I've been listening to the Thermals pretty non-stop these past few days. I suspect this is what will get me through my deadline, unless I tire of them before the end of the week (It's happened...)

I thought I would have Voxtrot, but with the exception of two or three Really Good songs, their new album is...only meh. Don't get me wrong, I totally heart Voxtrot, but I fell in love with every single that wasn't on this album. I'm still going to be taking my shirt off for them at their concert next week. Erm, I mean, rocking out to their jams.

Since I have been on a Thermals kick, I thought I'd go ahead and provide a handy link to Here's Your Future, and ask a question. When God says, "It's gonna rain," does it remind anyone else of the blackie weather forecast in Family Guy? ("It's gon'rain!") Just me?

And on that note, I wanted to end with one more Very Important Question: Why do people think that my friends and I are mean?
"Look, [I hit the pool balls so that] they made a triangle."

"How about instead of making triangles, you start making some pockets?"

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