28 June 2007

On blasting your mom into space

I thought I'd share a story with you today:

I went to dinner with J and two of his friends once.J and I showed up some time after Jordan and David, so they were well into their first beers, and had been having various sorts of conversation. Evidently, earlier in the evening, David had asked Jordan, "If you could blast anything into space, what would it be?"

Jordan didn't answer at the time.

About fourty minutes later, we were eating dinner and he'd finished his second beer. He slammed the empty glass onto the table and said, "David, if I could blast anything into space, it would be your mom."

Jordan has a two beer minimum on your mom jokes. And Boston is going to be a much less amusing place when they both go to grad school.

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Laura said...

Okay...I think this is the last entry I read. And now I saw you, and you're gone, and I miss you, so I'm gonna read them all. I'm glad I got to hear this story in person...and from the horse's mouth. Not that Jordan is a horse. It's just an expression. He's obviously a rock star, and who has ever heard of a horse being a rock star?