11 June 2007

"More Animals Need To Be Shot From Cannons"

I volunteered to watch my friends' rats when they went out of town...
J said, "This is all fine and good, until they get out of their cage"
"Then I'd need a snake -- to get them out of the apartment!"
"Then you'd have a snake"
"I'd get a coyote....but then...I guess I don't know how I'd get rid of a coyote..."
"You'd have to get a cheetah."
"There is nothing that would solve a cheetah infestation, J"
"Except a great white shark"
"Now how the hell would we get a shark into the apartment?"

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Jessica said...

Hi Briar! This entry made my day. There are all kinds of internet filters over here (no facebook for 4 months, I'm starting to get the shakes), so this is the first time your blog has updated for me in two months. Yay! I heart you and miss your face.