27 June 2007

In a word: "hootie." In four: "hootie," "and," "the" and "blowfish."

I found this CRACKED.com article about the 25 Most Ridiculous Band Names in Rock History to be ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL.

My favorites were The Smashing Pumpkins (at #20), and !!! (unsurprisingly at #1 -- How many times have I looked at my playlist and rued the day they chose to name their band something that fucked my entire organizational system?)


Team Gherkin said...

Great list! I like lists!

#23 The Alan Parsons Project immediately makes me think of Austin Powers!
#17 Puddle of Mudd is a pretty badd one... altho I've never heard of them...
Yeah, come to think of it, "The The" and "Mr Mister" were pretty lame, huh?
#9 Chumbawumba... okokok, that's pretty bad, that's true... not bad for a classic one-hit-wonder either!
#5 Toad the Wet Sprokett? WTF...?!?
#1 Wins hands down! What on earth would make you even begin to contemplate calling ur band "!!!" ?!? Geebus!

Aww... they never used ones like "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy" from Boston 1968! Or "Big Brother and the Holding Company", or "Strawberry Alarm Clock"! heh heh [Yes, they are serious bands! heh heh]

Mal :)

Laura said...

Here's my favorite...not surprisingly also one of your favorites. Lucky for me, I didn't read this at work because i laughed for like 10 minutes.

"These days, they claim the name doesn't even have anything to do with pummeling squash fruit, in that "smashing" was meant to imply "great" (as in the British slang), like that somehow makes it less stupid. It'd be like accidentally crapping yourself on a bus, then telling everyone it's okay, because you meant to: Nobody cares why you did it, Shitty Pants."