13 October 2006

I'm kind of a big deal

Today, I reached the epitome of cool.

I left work and (wait for it) went to the gym. I tried to do a 5K, but frankly, if I can't get it down to under 35 minutes I'm not interested, so I did just under 3 miles. I lifted weights, then I came home. I don't know what I was planning, but I figured it would be somewhat exciting. Then, on the way home, I passed Brooke's. I thought about the q-tips I needed. And while I was there, I got a new toothbrush. And some paper towels. Oh, and I wanted to try that whitening Listerine. And then I remembered some medication I needed.

I seriously got to the checkout and started laughing. Here were these two guys behind me buying some snacks...and the girls in front of me buying some other non-household crap. And I was doing the most boring shopping known to man...on a Friday night.

I came home just in time for Grey's Anatomy, which I missed last night. Sounds like my night is planned, then.

Like I said -- I'm pretty much the coolest person you know.


Matt said...

i'm cooler

Anonymous said...

i'm afriad matt might be correct with the being cooler thing...he does have to sit in bars and order diet cokes with lime while the rest of us booze it up. and this will have to continue for the foreseeable future being as he will never turn 21. we will probably be dead by then. so you should quit trying to fight him for the title.

and yet...i'm still laughing at your Friday night drug store experience. not because it's funny or actully lame, but because, it happens. next time, just throw a box of condoms in there. that will instantly transform you from Lame Shopping on Friday Night Girl to Too Nervous to Only Buy Condoms So Ends Up With Half the Store in Her Basket Girl.

you can delete this if you feel compelled. i will not be offended, but with any luck, i have offended someone.

Benj said...



Emily said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. Last night, I realized I was missing an episode and I almost cried . . . CRIED.

This show is amazing. And I have cried, multiple times.