10 October 2006

Happy Birthday, Alisa!

Sometimes I have the weirdest dreams. Like when I dream that my bloglines menu for some category won't collapse. I only had two blogs in that category, but I was so frustrated that it would not collapse. How mundane and life like. If only my dreams were exciting things that I couldn't do in real life, thrilling things like jumping from airplanes or falling in love.

Anyway, I promised pictures, and so pictures I will deliver:

We went to iHop for Alisa's birthday. Thank goodness there were only three of us, because a fourth person wouldn't have had room for food on the table. We ordered an appetizer because we were already hungry (hey -- it takes an hour to get out there).


After the salty appetizer, we had our three types of french toast (stuffed, caramel with banana, and cinnamon swirl). I had my biscuits and gravy. Alisa finished...well, I haven't checked the time stamps, but it was fast. Basically, I blinked and Alisa had finished her meal:

Alisa's Done

Many minutes later, Laura and I followed suit.

The Damage

Then, we came home and Alisa tried to eat her birthday cake. She had told us when she bought it that this was for her, and we weren't allowed to help. After Dim Sum and IHOP this weekend, she rethought that. She let us help. We still didn't get very far.

Alisa's Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthay Alisa! (Whose "thing" is that she doesn't read blogs, so she'll never see this, but Laura can tell her)


Jenna said...

It took you an hour to get to Ihop? Which one did you go to? Quite a spread, there :)

Briar said...

We are sadly car-less, so we had to trek out to Quincy on the redline. I know the one in Allston is physically closer, but it's more difficult to get to by public transportation, which is sad.

But as you noticed, we made the best of the trip.

Benj said...

i already had dinner but now your pictures have forced me to make some eggs for a nighttime snack delight. THANKS A LOT