27 October 2006

Looking for someone to trust

I have to say that I am a big fan of the way iTunes categorizes music in the "iTunes music" folder. I like to watch it. I like to throw music in there and click on it and open iTunes and then see a new folder appear. And watch all of the information pop up. It's like the most serious kind of magic, and it's absolutely mesmerising.

It wasn't always this way. Maybe even for years (how long have I had iTunes now?), I threw my music into the "my music" folder, and was irate when iTunes tried to override that and "organize" my music for me. I mean, really. How dare this computer presume to know more than me about how my music should be categorized?

However, my collection of music is growing at an almost alarming rate, and having all of my thousands of songs in one folder is kind of cumbersome. Besides, when I rip CDs onto my computer, they're already subject to iTunes strict regime of music categorization. Nazis.

So, imagine my surprise when I installed iTunes at work, and it just automatically did everything for me, but I started to like it. Or maybe I was just too tired to resist. I had downloaded some music at purevolume.com. It came in a standard mp3 file format from teh internet. You know, underscores...Poorly titled, etc. I threw it into the iTunes music folder and it disappeared. I was livid. What the hell had happened to this file? But when I went to iTunes, there it was, with the album information and everything. I am a convert.

I didn't think I could talk about iTunes for so many paragraphs, but here I am, still talkin' about iTunes.

Anyway, speaking of iTunes, I was listening to the only Joseph Arthur song I have right now, and you know how sometimes you can have a song in your playlist, and you've heard it a hundred times before, but it ends up...I don't know...Finally catching at some point? Maybe you can finally relate it to something in your life, or you just hear it differently, or you finally listen to the words or something? That happened right now. I always liked the song because of the lyric "Like pigeons on my windowsill we hang around," but this time the rest of the song made me cry. Maybe I'm just tired?

I sincerely doubt it.

[Currently Spinning: Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon]

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Anonymous said...

Clearly a man is responsible for the music sorting. That's when they always get you...when you're too tired to resist. Watch out for that.

Just kidding. It was some woman with mild OCD that thought of it. That's why you like it.