31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

We carved pumpkins at work yesterday. There were four teams while I was there (I left early to see my orthodontic surgeon. More on that later): Valerie and me, Marketing and Neil, The Engineers, and Scott (Scott was his own team, as far as I know).

Everyone was to vote for the winning pumpkin today. I think that the engineers, given that there were a million of them (four), rigged the votes. Because Valerie and I were robbed.


It makes me sick.


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Skylar said...

The puking innards make the pumpkin. How could anyone ever beat that?!?!?

In other news, Im coming to visit this weekend (hooray), sans Nintendo.

And yeah, I think Im going to go with Zelda and Rayman at first for the thing. If you dont know what Im talking about, go to youtube and search for "rayman raving rabids", then look for the scientific facts. Hilarious.