26 October 2006

Without running the risk of anything real

Um...wow. *Kicks ground with toe*

So, I haven't been around in a while; again.

Lots of things have happened, though, which is perhaps why I haven't been around.

The biggest news these days is that I finally bought a DS Lite, which was one of the more embarrassing situations I've been in recently, but in a funny way that makes me wish my life were a TV sitcom.

See, I stood in line for a while, which allowed me to fully absorb and appreciate the fact that I was standing in line with a bunch of guys whose avid hobby lifestyle it is to play videogames, and they seemed completely natural in that line. Me? I was a little nervous and felt out of place, asking for a "pink DS Lite, please." I kept playing it in my head to try to get it right, and prayed a little bit that I was going about the whole thing correctly (like, there weren't any actual cartridge packs up front, so I assumed I needed to ask, like in a video store, but I didn't realy know, you know?) Anyway, I marched right up to the counter, having decided that "this is for my sister. For her birthday. I'm too old for this or something, so I'll ask about a D..S...Lite? Like someone asked me for this, and I have no idea what a DS...Lite is, and it comes in pink, maybe?" Which is where, I think, I went wrong. Especially in execution. I sort of mumbled, "d'you guys have any pink DS Lites left?" The gamer girl ringing me up said, "Sure," and got up to grab one for me, but while she was a few feet away, before I could stop myself, I blurted out, (in what was probably a quiet voice, but it sounded alarmingly loud in my head), "And the SPECIAL edition of Nintendogs? With the dalmatians and friends?... ...please?"

By the time I left the store, I was warm and tingly with the feeling of JUDGEMENT....everywhere. Not just from gamer girl and all the boys in there who overheard, but by myself, too.

So, anyway, I'm trying to get Mario Kart DS on eBay to avoid instances like this in the future.

And maybe I'll try to update this thing more.

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Jenna said...

I always feel a little ooky going into EB Games, et al, too - last time I actually got up the nerve to ask if they had a few games in stock. That was a big step. But in the end we all just like what we like, and it sucks to feel judged just because we're not buying Call of Duty or whatever.

I still long for a DS but will probably save for a Wii instead. Enjoy your Nintendogs and never feel sorry about it!

Anonymous said...

I find it immensely funny that you would even consider using the “it’s for my sister” excuse. Your sister and I aren’t bff, but I’m willing to bet money that she would look at it funny if you got her a pink one. I could be wrong. It happens.

And also, if you had managed to blurt out “it’s for my sister,” the gamer-girl would have immediately known it was for you. And laughed. Out loud. Not because “it’s for my sister” is an invalid excuse, just because I know you would have done that thing with your eyes, and blushed. But that’s okay. At least you got it. Kudos for braving the judging eyes of the gamers. They wouldn’t make a pink one if you weren’t supposed to buy it. Duh.