21 October 2006


I had two dreams last night; I can't tell if they were the same dream or not, but what I remember is this:

I found a bin of Polaroid cameras and film at some store. It was just this huge bargain bin of cameras and film all thrown in together. I found a camera that I really wanted, but couldn't find the film that it took. The more I looked through the bins, the more there seemed to be to look through. It was exhausting.

Later, I tried cutting my own hair. I just wanted a trim, but for some reason couldn't wait until my hair appointment the next day. I've been trying to grow my hair out, but I hacked it off to just above my shoulders and since it was all uneven, it would have to be much shorter when it was fixed.

I must have had some strange food in between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning...


Anonymous said...

i think they were different dreams...both pointing you to the same message. metaphors really. i was going to elaborate, but i think your blog is rated PG, so i'll keep it to myself.

Emily said...

So as I was skimming your blog, I was really confused because I thought you "actually" cut your hair. And then I was like "why would Briar do that?" And then I know you have a hair appt on the 11th of Nov so I was like "Did Briar have a hair appointment this weekend too?"

I was super confused.