19 October 2006

Always a crowd pleaser

My mom, in an effort to improve our relationship, has been saying supportive things lately that I have to admit, make me chuckle inside. Sometimes outside, too.

I appreciate it, I do -- because she's being thoughtful of how her own decisions shouldn't necissarily be used as an example of what I should and should not do, since we chose very different paths in life.

Today, for instance, she said something about getting married. And then she back tracked and said, "Not that I'm insinuating in any way that you should be thinking about marriage. Now. Or ever, for that matter. I'm happy that you're single. Unless you don't want to be."

I also got to talk to my dad about his post-retirement plans. Apparently he's still considering making the coffin (you know. his coffin), and using it as an end of the bed chest until he...uh retires forever. But he's taller than the bed is wide. You do the math.


Anonymous said...

i don't think i've ever found anything so morbidly hilarious. and i also think that's one for the don't get married column...he will drive you insane when you're retired. at least that's what my grandma says...and my dad drives my mom crazy a lot of the time. they aren't even retired.

Briar said...

I don't plan on living to retirement.

And if I do, my fuse is really short, and I know where my dad has some graves dug in the desert. Hiding a body wouldn't be that difficult.