06 December 2008

It's because you are

I'm sorry, I don't understand. How exactly are you "wonderful" and "tolerant," if you can't tolerate homosexuality...I don't consider myself a tolerant person, but I do consider myself liberal, and I do think that anti-homosexual people are fucking ridiculous not-wonderful assholes...

...Oh wait, did I say that out loud? Was I supposed to be "tolerant" because I'm liberal? Did I just prove your asinine point?

Or about grammar.


benjamin w. olson said...

Ahhh, secrets. Goodbye, hours.

Me, I'm just dismayed at the slow perversion that the word "tolerance" has undergone these past decades.

People, in order to tolerate something, you have to think it is bad.

dearsweetbriar said...

Yeah, I was kind of tipsy off of that sidecar I made myself, and sick of entitled customers :) Ah, blogging.

benjamin w. olson said...

What is the internet if not an electronic dustbin for your frustration and rage?