16 March 2009

Spring Cure 2009

I'm participating in Apartment Therapy's Spring Cure for a second, hopefully more successful time.

Our apartment has been lived in for over eight months, and some things have just now started to come together, like our kitchen and my workspace, and if we're going to be here another year, I don't mind pouring more of myself into this place to make it feel like home, even if I'm not in the position to pour more money into it at the time.

The living room probably needs the least amount of work. It's where we keep our bikes, the couch and the TV, and our record player. J's workstation takes up one of the front window bays, and because our front door opens into the center of the living room, there isn't a lot to do in terms of rearranging. I think the coffee table could use a makeover, and if we ever found a new console that didn't break the bank, but still fit in the small space we have leftover, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat.

Plans for the living room: coffee table makeover, hang the ikea pendant light over J's desk, sew throw pillows using orange Marimekko fabric. Block windows using contact paper; take down blinds.

We moved my desk into the kitchen, which has been freeing and has relieved the aggravation of listening to the neighbors slam the door and do their laundry at the back of the house at all hours during the day. We hung a ledge over my desk where I'm displaying my camera collection, and I hung a rail above my computer to hold my colored pencils and inks. The second rail went above the stove, holding our measuring cups and a bag of onions, right now. I found an Orla Kiley stoneware canister, which now holds our coffee, and a gorgeous blue peppermill from Anthropologie, which could very well be the centerpiece of the whole kitchen, I'm that in love. The kitchen still needs a lot of work, though.

Plans for the kitchen: One more trip to IKEA to buy a spice rack for our grundtal rail, maybe buy a grundtal shelf, buy more hooks. Move asker pot to my desk, maybe use it for a potted plant. Hang "Now Panic and Freak Out" print somewhere near workspace or kitchen table. Finish block printing napkins, embroider rest. Sew curtains for kitchen window. Find new drawer pulls for desk.

That's all for now, I guess. The bedroom still needs a ton of work, and I could probably refinish that chest of drawers we pulled in from the street. I'm going to be pulling inspiration photos this week, and planning my attack. The goal is not to spend any money, with the exception of completing the grundtal solution and buying thread to sew my curtains and pillowcases.

You're on, Spring Cure 2009.

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