31 July 2009

On Disordered Eating

I just read this on a website I stumbled across while looking for reviews about outofyourlife.com:
Show me a woman who loves her belly (thighs, ass, nose, etc) and I'll show you a woman with an eating disorder...
I literally did a double-take.

I re-read the sentence a few times, and I know where she was going with it, but I think that the insensitivity of the statement knocked the wind out of me. I probably agree with the overall sentiment - find me a woman without insecurities and I will show you a liar, maybe. I would venture to say that even the most confident women I know still have hang-ups, although as someone who feels more comfortable with my neuroses than without, I'll be the first to admit that I wouldn't know what that feels like. And let's just remember that sometimes people with eating disorders aren't thin. But they are incredibly insecure.

I read something on sparkpeople.com recently about eating disorders and just how scarily common they are. Obviously all eating disorders have self-esteem issues at the root of them, at best, but by broadening the definition of "eating disorder" to include "disordered eating," one starts to include many women they might know... it's sad, really.

Anyway, that was my lol for the night - except for the part where the topic isn't particularly lolsy.

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