14 May 2010

iPod Madness

I got a brand new 5th genereation ipod nano on Wednesday. After applying swagbucks gift certificates and signing up for an Amazon credit card, I spent a whopping $32 (I had $180 saved up in a bank account for just this reason).

I've been so out of touch with new technology that I was overwhelmingly impressed with my new tech toy. I got an 8GB nano because I figured that my old ones only carried one or two albums and a dozen songs that I listened to at once. I was able to store everything I listened to on a tiny little 4GB ipod, before. But this nano? This nano plays video! This nano has a pedometer! This nano has games! In color! This nano makes me feel old.

But it is so pretty, and now I can watch episodes of the Office when I travel. I'm kind of starting to regret not going for the 16GB, or holding out for a touch!

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