31 August 2010

So Much Going On Lately

My To Do list has been growing at an astounding rate, lately—business is going well, things at the restaurant are going well, and there have been other personal developments that are finally going well now that everyone is on track. The things that have been keeping me from updating this thing, ever, these days.

I keep thinking about starting a professional blog—something I can tie to my website; a website that is woefully out of date at the moment. The Catch-22 of being a web designer is that I haven't had the time to work on my own portfolio recently. Which is why a professional blog seems like such a silly idea.

Tidbits from the past while:
We have met the neighbors. Drank a few bottles of wine with them. I ended up massaging the downstairs neighbor's dog's feet, which I could have done all night...LOVE HER. She was going to be a show dog before she broke her hip, so she has pins holding her together. I told her I knew how she felt, and about how my jaw is held together with pins, too. Downstairs neighbors' chihuahuas are scared of her, though, so they didn't really want to hang with us.

The new restaurant menus that I designed will be unveiled this week, and I am so excited about them.

I got a rockin' haircut.

J finished his Master's! No more grad school! For now!

I launched a hair studio's website

Plus other stuff, that I can't talk about just yet...Exciting times! As they say, Stay Tuned for more!

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Ed said...

You write a good mystery cliff hanger. Hope everything keeps going good. You are my hero!