08 January 2011

27 Things To Do Before I Turn 28

  1. Get married!
    We were married on Nov 19th at the MIT Chapel
  2. Take a real vacation
    I went to New Orleans for my bachelorette weekend, and J and I went to Vermont for our honeymoon over Thanksgiving, and were forced by the closure of every business and restaurant to just relax in our hotel.
  3. Sew a dress
  4. Take more pictures
    This is a goal of mine every year, and I somehow fail even more every year. I got a new 50mm lens, which made me pretty excited to take photos for a while, but it wasn't enough. I still wanted to take a picture every day for a year. I was going strong this year, and I think I succeeded at the goal of "take more pictures." Did I take a picture every. day? No, but keeping that goal through the year made me more likely to take a picture most days.
  5. Wear lipstick more regularly
    After learning to do my makeup for the wedding, I made sure that I did myself up more often. Sometimes all I did was put on a little lipstick, and it's amazing how put together you can look with lipstick and nothing else.
  6. Find a new hairstyle
    I learned how to do a dancer's bun and it saved me when I was growing my hair out for the updo I'd have on Nov 19th.
  7. Host a board game night
    We had people over for Scrabble one night. It was brutal.
  8. Use my kitchen every day
  9. Do more yoga
    A friend of mine teaches a class on Wednesdays. I feel more accountable since I know the teacher. It's also helped me do more yoga at home.
  10. Compost
    I did end up calling the city of Somerville to look into this, but they didn't have any bins available until after the New Year. After learning this, J and I went to Home Depot, picked up a 5 Gallon plastic pail, and we drop our compost off at Whole Foods weekly. I don't need it to garden (a wish/goal of mine when I embarked on this process that I have since abandoned), so this solution works for us.
  11. Make a scrapbook
    I ordered a wedding photo book from pinhole press, and because I am feeling unambitious, but also like it was still an achievement, I will call this one a win, since I had to spend a lot of time with that layout.
  12. Letterpress I letterpresesd and assembled our wedding invitations.
  13. Make my office inspiring
    I did a lot of cleaning and purging, and it did help tremendously. I then bought a new (larger) desk and office chair and it's looking very professional and the addition of workspace makes me more efficient
  14. Unveil a new website/blog
    Not that this is what I meant, but I did update the layout around here...
  15. New business cards
  16. Write more thank you notes
    After the wedding, I feel like I've done nothing but write thank you notes.
  17. Drink more water
    I go back and forth on this one. In general, I feel like I've drunk more water this past year than I used to...but it wasn't measured.
  18. Pimp our our bathroom
    Courtesy of our wedding registry, we now have matching towels. Matching. Towels. Also a spa-like bath mat, and a re-organized very spiffy basket to hold all of our bathroom needs.
  19. Dog-sit a corgi
  20. Organize my files
  21. Clean out our bedroom
  22. Start drinking tea
  23. Participate in the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure
  24. Thrift/restyle in my own closet
  25. Eliminate chemicals from our home
    We are down to some Mrs. Meyers cleaning solution for the bathroom (since it's so gross in there), but everything else is all natural (vinegar, baking soda and lemon if I can help it, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, or Method products if I cant).
  26. Tour a brewery
    We went to the Magic Hat Brewery in VT on our honeymoon, and toured the Anheuser-Busch brewery with friends.
  27. Hang more artwork/photos

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