05 March 2012

Music Monday

Is anyone else as excited for the Hunger Games as I am (besides basically all of my awesomer friends minus my husband)? Well, if you're not pumped for the Hunger Games (well, not the Games themselves, unless you're some jerk from the Capitol of Panem), get pumped by listening to this sampling from the Hunger Games track list.

For some reason the soundcloud link is not working...so here is a terrible video version (just listen, don't watch)

Anyway, this post is about music and not about the Hunger Games or why so many people approaching thirty are excited about the movie version of an insipid YA trilogy—this post is about music, and the music that will be accompanying said movie.

The lineup looks pretty good, including this Decemberists song. Some Arcade Fire, some Neko Case...not too shabby:

Hunger Games Track List:
01. Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars) – “Safe & Sound”
02. Taylor Swift – “Eyes Wide Open”
03. Arcade Fire – “Abraham’s Daughter”
04. Kid Cudi – “The Ruler & The Killer”
05. Miranda Lambert (feat. Pistol Annies) – “Run Daddy Run”
06. The Civil Wars – “Kingdom Come”
07. The Decemberists – “One Engine”
08. Glen Hansard – “Take the Heartland”
09. The Low Anthem – “Lover is Childlike”
10. Punch Brothers – “Dark Days”
11. Secret Sisters – “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”
12. Birdy – “Just a Game”
13. Ella Mae Bowen – “Oh Come & Sing”
14. Jayme Dee – “Rules”
15. Carolina Chocolate Drops – “Reaping Day”
16. Neko Case – “Give Me Something I’ll Remember”

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