24 May 2012

Things I Love Thursday


J has been eyeing this grill for a while now, and we finally ordered it on amazon last week. We spent this weekend grilling every meal we ate at home. Rain has put a damper on the week-time grilling, but the point of buying a propane powered portable weber was that it takes 20 minutes, tops, to have a delicious grilled meal, anytime we want.

Firing up the charcoal grill was so much work that we never bothered grilling for ourselves—it just wasn't worth it unless at least six people were eating burgers and dogs. We still have it, but we just plan on busting it out when we have company and want to spend the whole day grilling.

This grill is fantastic, and I can't wait to see what delicious meals we concoct this summer.

Bird Watching
Empire State Pigeon
via flickr user villes
We have started a weekly routine of riding our bikes to brunch on Sunday, and stopping at Mount Auburn Cemetery afterwards. We usually spend about 20-30 minutes at the cemetery watching for birds, and taking in the beautiful views. So far, we have seen turkeys, falcons, chipmunks, and other really interesting birds that I am not equipped to identify. Armed with a new pair of binoculars, though, we are going to start making the most of our cemetery walks and bird watch the hell out of Sunday afternoons. I am even going to get some bird identification books from the library.

I am officially a 50-year-old woman.

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You are the whitest half Mexican in the whole world.