02 August 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Big Fishes
I'm A Big Fish, You Can Be A Big Fish, Too!

We caught some Striped Bass last Thursday, and they were delicious. More delicious than this fish, probably:

Big Fish

The bass I am holding was maybe the smallest fish we caught that day, although I believe they were all around 30 lbs. I have held the fish before, but it was the first time I've ever caught one on my own—those bastards are heavy!

It was also really nice to see my family. Even though they've been to Boston before, we managed to find a lot of activities that they still hadn't done (and a few that they have, but that we love so much, we had to do it again). We definitely got our visit off with a bang with the striper fishing trip, though. We also highly recommend this Martha Stewart recipe.


'nuff said.

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