09 January 2009

25 things to do before I turn 26

  1. Reshape and rebuild my website so that it's something I want to share with everyone I meet
  2. Take up yoga, again!
  3. Use a letterpress
  4. Blockprint
  5. Lose ten pounds
  6. Ride my bike more places that we would normally take the car
  7. Cook at least five times a week
  8. Create a new budget, reflecting my new life changes and future goals
  9. Read at least one book a month
  10. Ride our bikes in Rhode Island, or Maine, or up the coast. Something scenic, and long
  11. Have one screen-free night a week
  12. Master at least four new recipes
  13. Sew a dress
  14. Put some entries in my etsy shop!
  15. Dress up for Halloween, make our costumes
  16. Finish Dan and Lydia's wedding present (afghan)
  17. Make my Christmas presents this year
  18. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (I've ridden across on my bike before, but didn't have time to take pictures, or absorb)
  19. Make 25 pieces of art
  20. Take a dance class
  21. Go sledding
  22. Plant an herb garden
  23. Find some photo booths and take pictures
  24. See Bishop Allen live
  25. Deep clean my home and make it a peaceful, inspiring and beautiful place to live


Matt said...

26. Knit gloves for Matt.

dearsweetbriar said...

I still owe you a hat!