27 January 2009

RSS Blips

If anyone reads this through an RSS feed, you might have seen some earlier posts post today - I decided to put them up because I no longer work at my old job, and I thought it was better to be honest, and post them now. I have less to lose; I didn't want to rock the boat at work, before.

I still have some uncomfortable moments thinking about privacy issues and the fact that this blog is highly searchable, but since these issues are personal and not actually work related, and I've been working through them, I figured it might be helpful for anyone who might come by who is struggling with the same things. I tried not to post about work when I was still there, but my job was so high stress that it was impossible to temper that all the time. Still, I'm proud that it took me this long to post those entries. Mostly I'm letting go - and that's an integral part of my story. So there it is.

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