12 November 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I didn't update last week because I had a craptastic week and was not loving anything very much. My nails are mostly gone (bitten away), but after a few conversations with J, I mostly worked through it. He had a craptastic week, too. It was really emotionally toxic in our apartment. Bleh.

Anyway, this week is looking a little better, but I think this will still be a short list:

Figuring Out Why Illustrator Hates Me . My option (alt) and my shift keys—my most used keyboard shortcuts—stop working All The Time. This has been an ongoing problem for months, and I couldn't figure out what was causing Illustrator to deny me my most precious shortcuts. I was literally banging my head on the desk at one point this week, due to excessive use of Illustrator. Anyway, turns out you can't run the Hulu desktop app and Illustrator at the same time. All this time I was trashing my preferences every time I shut down my computer, and yesterday I restarted it three times! I figured it out when someone on a forum mentioned that he has this problem when boxee is running in the background, so I immediately exited Hulu, and voilĂ ! Keyboard shortcuts working, again! It was downright religious moment. I suppose I will have to listen to music in the background from now on, instead, which will probably improve my workflow. Bonus.

Pictures of Sleeping Puppies . The Dreaming of Puppies stream merged with the Daily Squee recently, and I was not amused. It's not that I don't think other animals are cute, just that I usually have over 1000 unread feeds in google reader on any given day, and this is why lolcats exist. If I had wanted to subscribe to all of the Daily Squee's content, I would have. Anyway, you can subscribe to just the dreaming of puppies stream here: http://dailysquee.com/category/dreaming-of-puppies/ And then all was right with the world. SLEEPING PUPPIES!

Sonic . J and I drove 15 miles out to the 'burbs so that we could eat at the first Sonic in MA (okay, I'm not sure if that's a fact, but it's certainly the first one within reasonable driving distance from us!). I had forgotten how wonderful cherry limeade slushes are. Sure, we both felt kind of gross after gorging ourselves on over 1000 calories of fast food that night, but tater tots! Also some teenagers let us go ahead of them, then showed us how to use the credit card machine. Teenagers? Nice? Sonic is a magical place.

Financial Freedom . I paid off my credit card today! I had a 0% APR offer from Capital One, which I took advantage of in order to buy my Mac on credit to pad some of my initial unemployment expenses (I had been saving for the computer, already, when I was let go). The offer lasted for one year, and after paying for school, textbooks, groceries, the balance was never $0. One month after the 9% APR kicked in, I paid off the whole thing. I knew that it was coming, but it still feels pretty damn good.

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