08 January 2010

26 Things To Do Before My 27th Birthday

{Old Greyhound by Daniel Greene}

Here's a scary thought. I turned 26 today. Twenty-six. Somehow, it feels different from 25. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited about 25, but 26 seems so much...more. I'm excited, but I'm starting to feel a little bit older. I'm starting to slow down in some ways, ramp up in others. That being said, I thought it was time to make a new list! Here are 26 things I hope to do before my 27th birthday:
  1. Make a Quilt
  2. Procure some David Bowie on vinyl in February 2011...shortly after age 27
  3. Take dance classes
  4. Take some yoga classes
    in 2011...I finally got off my butt and did this
  5. Find a new apartment
  6. Bake rainbow cupcakes
    For J's 28th birthday! Which is...oh, one month after I turned 27. Whoops.
  7. Sew a dress
  8. Apply to grad school
  9. Make fortune cookies
  10. Make a scrapbook
  11. Brand myself
  12. Plant some lavender
  13. Design some jewelry
  14. Go to waterfire
  15. Start photographing stunning fashion moments
  16. Visit the JFK museum
  17. Travel
  18. Finish the frost flowers shawl
  19. Finish my first project 365
  20. Use some of the polaroid film in my freezer
  21. Make 100 paper cranes
  22. Make a 2010 portfolio
  23. Make garlands
  24. Hang twinkle lights in the apartment
  25. Do a project involving polaroids+letters
  26. Go out on a rowboat

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