15 February 2007

My Non-Factory-Made Valentine's Day

Last night J took me to dinner in the suburb where he used to live before he moved into the city.

It's always been so...arduous before. Valentine's day, I mean. I've never liked the factory-made feelings that come with the holiday, and so even though I kind of had the perfect present in mind, I was actually really relieved when he suggested that we not do cheesy V-day gifts, and just spend time together. It's the only thing I could ever want from him, anyway, and maybe I cheated and adapted the gift for his birthday, which is coming up soon.

After dinner and an unfruitful supermarket adventure where we searched for strawberry creme peeps, we watched The Squid and the Whale -- because no Valentine's day would be complete without a little bit of Wes Anderson flavored dark comedy.

And it was pretty perfect. And not factory-made at all.

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