16 February 2007

Picky Eater

I have somehow gotten the reputation for being a picky eater.

I don't know how this happened. Was it when I said I hated vegetables? Which is mostly true except for some things. Like lettuce smothered in salad dressing. Or tomatoes in a sandwich, provided I am allowed to meticulously pick off every single one of the seeds. And olives.

I'm not a big fan of fruit. Lately, Alisa has found a way to convince me to eat bananas. I like bananas, for the most part, but usually I'm eating them for the greater good of the apartment, and not because I want a banana. Because by the time I'm called in, they've started to rot and Alisa wants them Out. They're really sweet when they start turning brown. I say this because I had the overwhelming urge to eat a barely ripened banana today and it's pretty gross. And this is why I don't like fruit. It's unpredictable. One day I'll love it, and the next day, it's got seeds in it or something. Even "seedless" grapes have thrown in a seed or two in my day. Gross. Who needs that? Not me.

So, according to people at work, if it isn't meat or cheese, I'm not interested. Unless it's pasta. Then go ahead and serve it to me. With meat. Or cheese.

And...yeah. That sounds about right.


SheresaTyr said...

Meat and cheese. YES.
And hot sauce, don't forget hot sauce.
I'm in!

Laura said...

By and large, vegitables are gross. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been severely misinformed.

I find fruit is best when blended in a smoothie and alcohol is added to that.

You are not a picky eater. You just don't eat gross things. Gross and green start with the same letter for a reason if you ask me.

Jessica said...

My recommendation is to eat ravoli topped with bacon, it's totally delish. That would hit all your three major food groups of pasta, cheese and meat.

I think y'all will appreciate this: http://liamshow.com/movies