20 February 2007

Picture This:

I noticed a serious lack of pictures on this blog lately. The entire front page is completely pictureless, save that stupid quiz I took in the previous entry.

Instead of giving something up for Lent this year, I think I'm going to take at least one picture every day for the next 40 days.

I know that it's a pretty far leap from creativity to spirituality, and maybe that's not quite what I have in mind (I haven't really thought this through, but Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, and I probably won't think of anything "better"), but I think that taking photos every day does help me see the world more clearly, and more beautifully.

I was walking around this morning and seeing all of the ugliness around me. People cursing and spitting and begging for money...and it all seemed so miserable. Taking photos of all of it has a way of transforming things sometimes. Even the things that were perceived as ugly can be seen in a different way when you see them through the lens of a camera (of course, I'm pretty bad at the candid shots, so I suspect there'll be a lot of buildings and macro shots, but still).

Anyway, even if I don't post too often these days, hopefully you can expect at least one post per day, unless I decide to go 35mm instead of digital.

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Matt said...

You know what... I think I'm going to steal that from you. It was an exceptionally good idea.