09 August 2007

Concerts of '07

I just bought tickets to see Kings of Leon for J and myself. I'm so excited! I have a tendency to waffle right before I buy concert tickets, and end up getting balcony seats because I spent too much time wondering whether or not I should go. This time was no exception, but at least they're center seats. The only time I waited and still got an amazing seat was the time I saw the Raconteurs at the Orpheum because I bought a solo ticket and was squashed in between two couples.

I've been making an effort to go to more live shows in the past year, and even though it can be hard on the wallet sometimes, I think I've gathered a respectable list:
Art Brut with Tokyo Police Club
We are Scientists
Pete Yorn
Bloc Party
Voxtrot (with Au Revoir Simone)
Kaiser Chiefs (with the Walkmen)
LCD Soundsystem (with YACHT)
Voxtrot and We are Scientists (again, this time at the Siren Music Festival)
I'm hoping to add a few more to that list before October, possibly including The Mountain Goats, Animal Collective, Tokyo Police Club or Play Radio Play, Stars, Of Montreal, Spoon, and...erm, maybe Voxtrot...AGAIN (I can't get me enough Voxtrots. For real).

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