15 August 2007

I had to hide another one of my flickr photos today.

I suppose I should stop posting photos of my feet on the Internet.

About a year ago, I found a nail polish at my salon that was called "Ruby Pumps." The concept was a glittery red color, much like Dorothy's slippers in the Wizard of Oz. I took a picture of my pedicure when I got home, to show one of my friends.

This morning, I checked my flickr activity and saw that someone had favorited this year-old (untagged!) photo. Now...from previous experience, I've learned that virtually no one favorites foot pictures unless they're some sort of fetishist or collector of random snapshots of women's body parts. Never mind how he even found the photo in the first place.

And sure enough, there was my photo in his favorites -- sandwiched between a bare breast and an "erotic" foot photo. I know that art is subjective, and maybe some poor, misguided girl thinks that this is not amateur porn, but "art." And while normally I could not care less about what people put up on the Internet (I judge, but I wouldn't want to censor), my foot was next to a woman's breast, for Christ's sake.

I'm just glad I marked it as private before he had a chance to go jerk off to all of his favorites this afternoon, since I can only assume that's what you do with a collection of "naughty" flickr photos. And my foot.

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Laura said...

WOW! Seriously weirded out. Very creepy.