20 August 2007

Monday Madness - Computers

How many desktop computers in your home?

Just my roommate's

How many laptops?

Three, right now.

What kind of internet service do you have? (i.e. phone modem, dsl, etc.)

cable modem

Do you tend to use more than one email account regularly?

No, but I do have a spam email address that I use to sign up for things. Unless you count my work email address, then I use two regularly.

Do you use email as a main source for communicating to your family and friends?


What kind of computer monitor do you own (flatscreen, or other)?

I have a laptop.


JennieBoo said...


Enjoyed your post!

Happy Monday!

meowminx said...

Good afternoon! I enjoyed your MM answers for this week :)

Mine's posted here.

Have a great week!

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, three laptops. I don't have one but it would be nice to have one which I could bring with me whenever I go out.

Have a good week ahead.

Briar said...

Heh -- well one laptop belongs to my roommate, one is mine, and one is Jason's, which he left over once, and hasn't taken home yet.