02 February 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Beautiful Day at The Dog Park

This is a gorgeous video of a day at the dog park shot from a dog's perspective. How fun!

Bon Joviver

I know this video has been floating over the interwebs for a while, but I had to wait until Thursday to post! I think this is cute and funny at the same time.

Things That Made Me Smile
♥ We were treated to dinner this weekend at the Capital Grille to celebrate J's Master's degree. He finished a year and a half ago, so it was even more special to us—babies, weddings, life just got in the way, but they still found a way to take the time to celebrate this milestone with us. ♥ I started reading Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness. I have to return it to the library before I will be able to finish it, but just one sentence about lovingkindness was enough for me to make a major breakthrough in the way I feel about other people. ♥ 

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