01 February 2008

24 Things To Do Before My 25th Birthday

Inspired by hula seventy, I have decided to make a list of things to do before I hit my quarter of a century mark.
  1. Build my own website 
  2. Take a photography class 
  3. Build a piece of furniture 
  4. Screen print my own t-shirts 
  5. Make sure this list is a yearly thing
  6. Put another stamp on my passport 
  7. Learn how to sew
  8. Host a board game night 
  9. Try to be more rigorous about taking photos
  10. See a play 
  11. Go camping 
  12. Go to a free film night in Davis Square 
  13. Make my Christmas cards
  14. Make my own stitch markers
  15. Knit entrelac
  16. Aim to ride my bike to work four times a week** 
  17. Participate in another bike ride (for charity or otherwise)
  18. Take a weekend trip to Maine 
  19. Bike up the coast in Rhode Island 
  20. Visit a winery in Napa Valley 
  21. Switch to energy efficient bulbs 
  22. Get a library card
  23. Build a light box (for photographing yarn)
  24. See snow on the beach 

**This year I aimed for three. I was not successful many weeks out of the riding season. I figure if I aim for four, I might succeed at three more often?


Sara said...

What a wonderful idea! I love your list.

Steve said...

#6: May I suggest...Germany?

And regarding #5, won't this get a bit cumbersome by age 40? And at more advanced years, can one count "Remember to take pill x every day" and "Remember to take pill y at every meal" as separate items?