15 February 2008

Productive, even though it was my day off

Because last week was particularly long (I pulled an all nighter on Thursday, working a total of 28 hours - that would be minus three hour-long breaks for meals), I decided to take Thursday and Friday off this week. This means I have a five day weekend to play around with.

Yesterday was reasonably productive:


I lined my el-cheapo IKEA CD shelf with some bird paper I found at Paper Source that I thought was absolutely gorgeous. With birds! And even though I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I couldn't resist making some pink heart shaped cookies. They were delicious, and so cute they triggered my barf reflex, which you might not think would be a good combination when cookies are involved, but it was. Don't worry. To counterbalance the heart shaped ickiness, I used the leftover dough to make a wang cookie (a dickerdoodle, if you're a PA reader).

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